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Miami international airport
CDC and WHO encourage vaccination before traveling
Kids petting zoo
Variant influenza viruses have not shown the ability to spread efficiently between humans
chart of vaccinations going down
Fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is an evolving global classification
pediatrician with young girl
Measles is preventable with safe vaccines
booster sign
Heterologous COVID-19 booster vaccinations authorized by the FDA
diagram of the effectiveness of the vaccine
VBI’s 3-antigen hepatitis B vaccine is comprised of the S, pre-S1, and pre-S2 surface antigens of the HBV
chicago skyline
Defects in protein optineurin functions compounded by HSV-1 infection have the potential to cause accelerated neuronal damage
ukraine children in costume
Polio outbreak in Ukraine related to Afghanistan
woman smoking cigarette
Substance Use Disorder patients COVID-19 reinfection rate found very high
Grandpa kissing grandson
Northern hemisphere influenza activity remains at lower levels than expected